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Average time to complete a single loan application

Finding a small business loan with a fair lender is a complex, confusing, and time-consuming process. A Harvard Business School study found that entrepreneurs take 25 hours on average to complete a single application. That’s a lot of wasted time that could be spent on other important duties of running your business — especially when there’s still no guarantee you will receive the loan. Backabl connects you to a network of community lenders and automates the application process so you can spend more time managing your business, not lender paperwork.

A real solution for real challenges.

Backabl is about people. That’s why we spoke with dozens of entrepreneurs to identify the most important questions to answer, challenges to solve, and ways to help them secure funding to grow their businesses.

"Local is important. We really want a relationship with our lender, and working with a local bank makes it easier."
Video Production
Business Owner
"Working with a big bank took me almost two months. It was a lot of paperwork and back and forth."
Business Owner
"I've thought about getting funding, but I don’t know how to navigate this world. It's overwhelming and scary."
Food & Retail
Business Owner
"If early on someone would have guided me away from a big bank, I would have saved $10K. I didn’t have the right info."
Fashion & Artwork
Business Owner
“The whole process of going to get a small business loan is very intimidating. They need to be more accessible."
Business Owner

The tools to fund your success.

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Funding Dashboard

Your home base for staying up-to-date on new funding opportunities, personalized just for you.

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Powerful Search

Search for funding opportunities with community lenders based on your location, industry, and your goals for growth.

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Paperless Process

Securely connect your bank account, skip the traditional application process, and let our technology handle the rest.

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Lender Chat

Reach out, ask questions, and get advice from expert community lenders before and after you apply.

Support local communities, not corporate profits.

Community lenders want to work with small businesses, and they prioritize superior rates and personalized service over profit. Plus, they give back to the communities they serve. But because of smaller marketing budgets and lack of digital reach, you might not have considered them before as an option for your small business loan. Backabl is here to change that.

One application. Hundreds of funding opportunities.

Backabl allows you to browse and interact with hundreds of community lenders, and our next-generation open-banking technology lets you use the same funding application for all of them. Just fill out an application once, and you’re done. If you’re rejected for a loan, you can apply to another lender immediately without the added paperwork.

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